The secret to long term money is Duplication. Coaching your team to do simple steps each day will pay you massive dividends! Do not try and reinvent the wheel. Duplicate, don’t innovate. Coaching your team to do simple steps each day will pay you massive dividends!

You have chosen to become a Global Diamond Team member. Now I want to encourage you to c​​hoose to execute on the items below:


#1.) You will want to choose information videos to help share your Valentus business. This one is first offered by Valentus. ​​​(Replace “BigVision” with YOUR Valentus Username). Valentustour.com/BigVision

We also recommend and prefer our private team’s full internet marketing system. https://www.rebelteamonline.com Example; my personal site http://BankUpCash.com is from the Rebel Team Online marketing system.

#2.) This is the most important thing to do in launching your business. Whether you approach with product first or business or both, exposing your business on a daily basis is a MUST. You can make contact list of potential product users and/or business partners. Categorize the list with your enroller to see who you can call together.

In addition, a specialty of the Global Diamond Team is business prospect marketing. We have a complete LEAD marketing solution that generates interested business prospects that are designed to help grow your Valentus Business.


We use state-of-the-art lead generation in order to save time and money while ensuring we receive the highest quality leads for our Valentus business. We reach out to MLM prospects they have an interest in learning about different income options through a home based business career. We utilize targeted highly responsive MLM leads to ensure their seriousness in wanting to start a home based business with Valentus.

There are ONLY two types of MLM leads we use. Real Time Fresh Telephone Interviewed Leads, and the best source of MLM website traffic.

The website traffic is unique USA ONLY Online Targeted Traffic that is sent directly to your Valentus lead capture page. This is the best quality traffic you can get.

Furthermore, to ensure the real time telephone interviewed prospect’s seriousness in wanting to start a home based business, each individual telephone interviewed prospect has been contacted and verbally verified and confirmed through a personal conversation with a call verification representative. You will receive all of their contact information and best time to call so that you are able to contact them at a convenient time and speak with an individual that is sincere about making money from home with Valentus.

Both generated prospects are not just contact lists, each prospect is sincere about making money from home with Valentus.

On average per 100 visitors to your Valentus website you can expect approx 30+ people to take the Valentus tour and register for more information. Out of 20 pre-enrollees it is very possible to average 2-4 Sales.

We have everything covered so that YOU only have to focus on building your business! Ready To Get Started BestProLeads.com

#3.) By way of your warm market contacts and/or generated lead prospects, one of the most effective ways to hit the ground running is by utilizing the Valentus 6-Day Experience.

A Valentus Business Pack consists of (58) 6 Day Experience Packs. Easily sell a 6 Day Experience for $20/ea, (resistance is virtually non-existent) where at least 50% (29) want to be returning customers, and another 20% (6) are becoming Valentus Independent reps. 

This will help you quickly get into profit, but more importantly expose your business. Watch HERE an example of building your business with the 6-Day Experience by Crown Diamond John Haremza.

#4.) Use the products. Have enough for yourself, your family and enough to sample to potential customers!

#5.) Sampling of the Slimroast Optimum is the most important thing you can do in kick starting your business. See 6-Day Experience

#6.) Schedule a Business Planning Session. Go over everything on the checklist in detail, cover goals, time commitments, strategies, and get to know each other! This is a must! Get people started right! They can make you and themselves and you a lot of money if they know what to do!

#7.) Set up a definite date and time to start “tag teaming” and sharing the information  - calling your "A" contact list with your enroller. Don’t go at it by yourself!

#8.) Get Legacy qualified ASAP.  Find your first Business Builders within your first 2 weeks if possible, so can start earning the $100 Legacy bonus on your fourth person on. (see comp plan)

#9.) Get familiar with our Team’s Rebel Resource website. Huge amount of great information! Follow-up email drips, contacts sheets, training videos, how to’s etc! Password: falcon90

#10.) Set up your Loyalty Order preferable before the 20th of the month (No later) in order to have enough product to use and sample. It qualifies you for the month you’re currently in and keeps you qualified for all commissions and bonuses.

#11.) Set your Rotator (where new IR’s will be placed left or right team) Leave it on Alternate for now. Watch this videoHow To Build 2 Power Legs At The Same Time

#12.) Determine how you want to get paid in your back office. US based members can receive direct deposit straight into your bank account.

#13.) Get your free product marketing information site! Great marketing site! (See #1). All links linked to you!! Also you get this great site for coffee intro… 
http://bestfitcoffee.com/fs/?id=bigvision (YOUR username in place of bigvision) 

#14.) Use this generic web site as well. Optimumlifestylechallenge.com

#15.) Order Valentus Magazines and Brochures from Valentustools.com Cover this with enroller. Best Sponsoring tool is the Magazines! A must have!

#16.) Familiarize yourself with the Valentus Compensation Plan. Compensation Plan (PDF)  John Haremza Explains the compensation plan.  ShowMeTheMoney

#17.) Company Replay Calls - If for some reason you couldn’t make a company call, you can listen to replays at Valentuscalls.com

#18.) Make sure you’re on your up-line team members communication text and email broadcast list.

#19.) Make sure you get READ NOTIFY. Know when a prospect going through your information system opens up your email This is the MOST IMPORTANT tool you can have. Knowing if and when your prospect has opened up your email.

#20.) Friend your success line leadership on Facebook. You can also set your notifications so all posts come directly into your email. Please ask to join the following Facebook Groups below.

#21.) Take the time to watch the Training Videos below! WATCH and LISTEN to these Trainings!

#22.) These are recruiting videos and tools that are best used through individual emails.

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