Here Are Some Facts. Did you know...

  •  Over 1M people search for New Income Opportunities every week
  •  90% are living paycheck to paycheck
  •  People are joining Referral Marketing Opportunities by the 1,000’s daily
  •  38 million (12% of the population) work from home part-time
  •  Someone starts a home-based business every 10 seconds

A system of tools and resources that cranks out thousands to become successful right away. 

AIS is as Simple as Sharing the Intro Number (1-618-355-1121) and Your Promo Code. Anybody can Share a phone number with a promo code!

This Stupid Simple Wealth System boils down to merely sharing and advertising a Phone Number and Promo Code.

Control your ability to generate interested prospects by either sms/text generated leads, which are one of the the quickest and most effective leads to generate, or take advantage of Real-time Exclusive Home Business Opportunity leads.

All the tools needed to self generate leads are made available below.


1. Your most important step is to LEARN YOUR BACK OFFICE.
Login Here

2. Fill out the Member Agreement and Direct Deposit forms.

3. Join our facebook group HERE. Prizes are given away in there ALL THE TIME!!!!!

4. In your back office watch the MEMBER WELCOME VIDEO now.

5. UPGRADE! Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade! As soon as you're able to do so, UPGRADE. The higher you upgrade, the MORE $$$ you will make and the LESS $$$ you will lose when your referrals upgrade beyond you!


6. The quickest and most effective ways to generate interested prospects is by of broadcast texting (ROBOTEXT). Using this method not only will you generate leads-on-demand, but you will learn to generate leads on your own.

This is a very exciting chance to market via sms... people always have their phones on them. Talario is a premier online auto texting interface. This telemarketing (robotetxing) system was created for generating INSTANT leads for your business. We've managed to cut a great deal here, in fact it's an AMAZING deal!

As a member of the Auto Income Systems, when ordering the "pay-as-you-go" text credits at the special rate of 1.5¢ per sms (160 characters), initially you will be paying 2.225¢ per text, be sure to add Donald McClendon Jr (admin of AIS) as the referrer to get the discount rate.

To expedite the adjustment to your team rate, please send an email to


Then wait for an email from Talario that contains your login details.


7. CSV Splitter will split large comma separated files into smaller files based on a number of lines. CSV Splitter will process millions of records in just a few minutes. Split your mobile phone number data into the number of text messages you plan to send out per day. i.e., If you plan on sending out 1000 message per day, split your larger list into 1000.


8. This is your web based texting platform and you will want to learn how to use this system. Login

Here's an introduction overview video on how to send your first text with Talario.

Here's a link to a PDF from Talario that goes through each feature and setting in depth. This is a good place to start to upload your first list and send out a campaign.

   • Watch the introduction to Talario Auto Replies
   • Intro to Auto Communicators

Training: Some steps are explained individually below the video in case you need a bit of a highlight on a step.

a. When you log in, click on Settings, then click on Billing.

b. Choose the 2nd box from the top and select the number of text credits you'd like to purchase. Make sure the "Auto recharge button" is NOT checked ( utilizes an ala carte billing system, meaning you only pay for what you use. There are no monthly minimums).

c. Scroll down a bit and input your billing information, then click the Buy Now button.

d. Next, click on My Account, and click to get a Virtual Number. During this process, you'll be asked to name your number ... I used my first name as to "whom" the text is coming from.

e. In the left column, click on CRM and click on Add Group.

        Name it whatever you want and click the Create button.

f. Once your group is created, it will show on the Contact Groups list. Click on its name on the list, then click the Import List button.

       Click Select File and find your .csv file on your computer. Select it, then import it.

g. Click on "Channels". Choose your number & group from the drop down menus, then PASTE your text with your bitly link in it into the message box.

h. SAVE this template. Also, underneath the blue buttons, you will see a sliding bar to choose how fast you want to send texts. Choose the option that suits you (100-150 recommended).

i. Click the SEND NOW button.

BOOM!! You are now sending a text blast!! CONGRATULATIONS!


 Another benefit of AIS is the fact that there's NO need to mask and/or forward your personal referral link because you can easily send out the site (with your Promo Code) and the prospects will be automatically tagged to you.

However for those that want to use your own customized URL, you may want to get a domain name from GoDaddy. Pick a domain name that is easy to SPELL and easy to give OVER the phone. An easy to give domain name you DON'T have to spell out or guess.

Pick out a name for your website. Get it in the .com or the .info version. Go to and check to see if they're available, if so, purchase it. Dot info's cost approx $5/ea and dot com's cost approx $10/ea. Forward your new domain name that you just purchased to your AIS lead capture page. This is a simple task to perform. Contact GoDaddy customer service and they will more than happy to assist you with this task.


10. Here are some text message samples you may want to play with:

Sample 1: 2 steps to make 1750 per day! Wanna know what they are? 1. You call this number: 1-618-355-1121. 2. Give the promo code: “xxxx” That’s it. Sound simple enough?

Sample 2: Make $1750 per day! Here’s How! 1. You call this number: 1-618-355-1121. 2. Give the promo code: “xxxx”  3: Review Details and join or request a callback.

Sample 3: New Done 4 You system Works! Make $1750 per day! Here’s How: 1. Call this number: 1-618-355-1121 2. Use the promo code: “xxxx”  3: Then Register & make money! 

Sample 4: Earn up to $1750+ A Day With My Stupid Simple Done For You System. Step #1: Listen To The Recorded Message 1-618-355-1121 Step #2: Use Promo Code xxxx As Directed. That's it!

Sample 5: Hi it's (your name)! My team is paying pennies to send these & we're making $1,000's. Not a joke! Call 618-355-1121 Promo Code: (your promo code)

Sample 6: We're making a fortune sending 1.5 cent texts. Up to $1300 per sale, a life changer! Call 618-355-1121 for a 1 min. message - promo code is (your promo code)

Sample 7: Hi it's (your name). :) We're making HUGE $$ simply sharing this ONE MINUTE CALL! 618-355-1121 - use promo code > (your promo code) <

Sample 8: Hi, this is (your name). We're paying pennies to send these texts and we're making $1,000's! Don't miss the boat! Call 618-355-1121 Promo Code: (your promo code)

Sample 9: Hi! It's (your name)! Just wanted 2 let ya know we're making a fortune sending texts @ 1.5 cents each! Watch this FREE vid > Promo Code: (your promo code) 

NOTE: Our esteemed AIS admin is HUGE on sharing the number ONLY, where you will get a LOT less optins, but what you do get are of very high quality.

Our advice is to test; 1) the number of responses you get using your link, 2) using Justin's video plus your promo code, and then 3) also on sharing only the number and promo code. You'll get a feel for which one does better for you personally.


11. For the best carrier delivery you will ONLY want to send out 200 text messages per day per virtual number. Each virtual number is $1 buck. Add as many as you want​. Once logged into your Talario account click on Settings then My Account. Then click on "Get a Virtual number" to add new numbers.

To send out 1000 sms per day you will need at least 5 virtual numbers. Target rate: 1000 text messages generate approx 10 lead optins.


12. Our AIS system is AUTOMATED. What that means is that our system follows up with ALL of your leads via email on a regular basis.

You can simply send people to your AIS capture link and wait for something to happen...OR You can IMMEASURABLY stack the odds in YOUR FAVOR by contacting your leads and free members PERSONALLY.

If you want to BETTER RESULTS, contact them while they're RED HOT and still going through the system:

a. When a new Share the Number Lead lands in your inbox, immediately REPLY to it welcoming him/her to our system (making sure to put the person's name in the subject title first).

NOTE: Keep all lead notifications in your inbox for more follow-up later. For organization, your leads are also stored in your back office where you can email them, take notes on your interaction, etc.

Here's a copy of the email message I send - reword it to suit your personality, current team happenings, links and details if you want to use it:

Subject title:
(name), from Mike (at Automated In come Sys tems)

Hi (name)!

This is Michael Diamond.

Just wanted to welcome you to our AIS family... even
though you don’t realize what a goldmine it is yet! Smile

I am your sponsor, and I’m here to answer any questions
you have, as well as to get YOU earning as quickly as

With AIS, we can get it done FAST, and put towards
our future starting right NOW.

I have not seen anything this powerful since 2012, so
I encourage you to take an EXTREME look at it ... over
and over again.

Again, you can get the scoop here -

Be sure and watch ALL videos, then get back to me
with all your questions.

If you have questions, feel free to ask, I’m always
happy to help.

You’re in for the ride of your life!

Michael Diamond
Text me! (423) 301-4614

P.S. One of our new team members, Niki, had just got
done spending the last of her monthly money ($55)
to send out a text broadcast via our training...

She took a shot... she got herself a diamond sale and
made $1300 the other day! Her life changed! And
then she went on to make even more...

Stories like this happen all the time on our team. In
fact, I just made $400 the last couple of days. :-)

b. If they also supplied a phone number, TEXT them a personal message!

If you are like me and want to keep your personal cell free of marketing messages, get a FREE personal text number and platform at ~ you can set it up to send you an email message every time you get a text, and it even provides you a PHONE and voicemail ... totally free!

Here is a sample of what I text:

Welcome to AIS (Automated Income System)! This is Michael Diamond, your sponsor. I just sent you a welcome email... if you don't see it in your inbox, look in spam. I'm here to help, so if you have questions, be sure to ask! :)

c. Search for them on facebook using their phone number and/or email address. Find the search bar at top left...

If you find them, friend them & send a private message similar to the text message sample above.

d. Answer any questions you get, whether through email or text. If you don't know the answer, ask in our team chat before answering!

e. When you get a New Signup notification in your inbox, immediately send them a new member welcome!

Here's a copy of the email message I send - reword it to suit your personality, current team happenings, links and details if you want to use it:

Subject title:
(name), welcome to our Automated In come Sys tem Team!

Hi (name),

Welcome to our team! I’ve got a few quick
things to share with you to make your life
a lot simpler with AIS...

Here’s how to get started and what our
team is doing... 

Go to

Also, very important!!!

The company has a private facebook group, 
of which are very instrumental to you getting
the help and inspiration you need to succeed.


Friend me on facebook so I can get you into
both the company group and our personal
team chat -

**I get a lot of friend requests on facebook,
so be sure to email me your facebook name
and/or link when you’ve friended me so I am
alerted to accept your request.

You are missing out on a LOT of help, support,
contests and MORE by not getting into our
company group, so please friend me & let me
know you did 
so that I can add you to them.

See you there!

Michael Diamond

Text me! (423) 301-4614

f. Watch in our facebook team page for the newest member successes and stories. You'll want to use them as you CONTINUE TO FOLLOW UP with your free members and contacts.

Most Responsive Non-Shared, Pre-Qualified Leads out there.

13.  Other than Do-It-Yourself SMS/text lead marketing generation, we have also found that purchasing Real-Time Live Exclusive leads can be the freshest, hottest and most responsive Home Business Opportunity leads available. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE...

This type of lead can be just as effective and instantaneous as doing it yourself. Please only purchase leads that are EXCLUSIVE to you and sold just ONCE to you.