It happens every day. Well-prepared entrepreneurs are walking into the banks with brilliant business ideas and well-developed business plans — only to end up walking out empty-handed. Many of these professionals are unaware that they can ultimately obtain financing from a private lender through the private sector.  One needs to understand that there has been a paradigm shift in funding going from traditional banking and now the monies are coming from the private sector. That is where I come in and expedite the process of getting you the funding you need. 

My private sector funding is especially appealing for individuals who do not want to give up a certain percentage ownership in the business ; as is often required by venture capitalist. Private funding also allows the principal to not have to deal with the angel investors who may demand a board position or significant day-to-day control, once again the private lender may be an alternative worth considering.

I am glad to be of service to you. My conduit partners only work with the most reputable hard money lenders and private money investment groups in the country. With our combined experience and knowledge, we have the capacity to orchestrate and facilitate creative solutions for even the most difficult transaction. Funding is available for both domestic and international projects. There is a minimum of $25k up to $500M+. For larger projects over $500M, we simply allocate funds from the numerous hedge funds readily available. Listed below are some examples of the types of funding available through our relationships. 
Activity in the commercial real estate market is on the rise. I can assist you with a hard money loan. Rates depend on the project and collateral type. Every commercial real estate hard money transaction is unique in its own way, therefore, the LTV (Loan To Value) on various commercial real estate loan programs can vary. I encourage you to contact me with the parameters of your loan request so I can better assist you.
If you are looking for short term bridge financing or need to take down a piece of property quickly, then a commercial hard money loan could be the solution. If you have a less than adequate credit score but a substantial amount of equity into the property or project then commercial hard money could work for you.
Entitlements, capital infusion, geographical regions, and market conditions are all considered in the approval process for all commercial land development loans.
With several years experience in oil and gas funding,  I can help get your oil and gas project funded with straight debt, equity participation or a combination of debt and equity participation. All oil and gas projects small or large, are considered as long as they are solid projects.
I have access to the latest state of the art turbines available, and we will set up, along with obtain 20% of the income flow for you as a principal. If you already have access to the turbines, we will get you the capital needed for your project. Contact me today for all the details and qualifications concerning wind energy projects.
I have equity funding available for good oil and gas or commercial real estate projects. About 40% of all my projects today are equity based. Let me help you obtain the capital you need, contact me today.
Entitlements, capital infusion, geographical regions, and market conditions are all considered in the approval process. With these issues satisfied, transactions can close quickly. Loans are interest only, most non-recourse, no prepayment penalty and up to 5 year terms.
Hard Money funding available for low income housing projects. Contact me for qualifications and further details.
Debtor-in-possession financing or "DIP" financing is a special form of financing provided for companies in financial distress or under Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. Usually, this security is more senior than debt, equity, and any other securities issued by a company. It gives a troubled company a new start, albeit under strict conditions. Please contact me for details.
If you are behind on your payments or headed for foreclosure and have the following:100 units or more, Nothing over 2-Story, No bad areas, Section 8 Ok, Rehab Ok. New construction or construction to perm does not qualify.
This covers Multi-Family construction/perm, purchase, refi, rehab and fixed long term interest. Healthcare to include Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Alzheimer Care Facility, Cancer Treatment Centers, Etc. Up to 100% financing for Multi-Family and Healthcare for Non-Profits. Contact us for details.
Quick closings are available within 1 to 5 business days with complicated transactions taking longer. Typically, these loans are subordinated to first liens but debt/equity is also available.
Commercial Real Estate loans for office buildings, multi-family, and Industrial properties. Transactions can close in 5 days to 45 days depending on the transaction. Short Term Bridge and Permanent Loans available through conduit programs.
***ATTENTION, please read the following carefully.***
Before you call the number below, you must meet these requirements. 
1.  You must be the PRINCIPAL (aka the person who will sign on the dotted line for the funding). If you are a BROKER your PRINCIPAL must be available. NO exceptions.  "A present principal is a paid principal."
2. Startups are welcome, BUT you must have 15-20% injection into your startup to obtain funding. 
3. You must be flexible. We are flexible lenders and we appreciate flexible principals. "A structured deal is better than no deal."
4. You must have all documentation readily available for review including business plans, executive summary, sources and uses of funds, feasibility reports, financial reports etc etc. This allows the funding to be expedited. 
FINALLY, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO DEBT SERVICE. Consider this, place yourself in the shoes of the lender now. You are the person lending out tangible dollars for projects that make dollar sense, common sense and business sense. What information would you like to have on the potential principal and their project?  Can that principal debt service (have the ability to pay back the funding) Would you fund the project based off of the information given?  This is the thinking one needs to have when considering funding from the private sector. 
I hope this gives you a snapshot of my capabilities. The projects I can fund are NOT limited to the ones listed above.  If it makes common sense, dollar sense and business sense I can get it funded.  I truly appreciate your time and I thank you in advance for allowing me to service your capital needs.
ONLY If you meet the criteria above, call TODAY for EXPEDITED funding!!! Leave your name, number and project type slowly for clarity and your call will be returned within 24 hours.


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