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We have been doing coop marketing for years now for groups within a specific company. Now we have made our coop marketing available for any business you are promoting!

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Here's how it works!

1. You Order the ad coop and create an account at Custom Splash Pages.

2. You select a capture page you want to use (from our 400+ pages)
Or make your own custom page in 5 minutes)

3.Within 24 to 48 hrs you will begin to see traffic to your capture page.

All Coop members will be placed into a Co-op rotator and promotion system that is completely "hands-free" and fully automated. 

With The Ad Co-op your site will appear in a cross-section of the best traffic sites bringing a multitude of laser targeted visitors to your site. As Internet marketers and business owners, we've invested a good deal of time and effort locating and testing THE most effective and quality advertising methods available.

Benefit For You:  WE do the advertising FOR you and YOU get to reap the rewards!

You will also receive a Lead Capture Page account where you can use one of our Generic Lead capture pages (or any page available on the system). Here you will have the ability to track your leads and your realtime stats. To see a list of features of the capture page system click here

Create your own custom page or use any of our 400 plus pages.

Click here for samples (Includes 10+ Autoresponder Messages)

Promotion #1:

MASSIVE & Email Marketing Campaign.

In this campaign we will be mailing Fresh Survey leads & Double Optin Leads during . These people will be sent to the rotator link to get more information about your businss. We mail 50,000 leads per member that joins the ad coop. For example if we have 100 members in the ad coop we will mail 5 million leads for the month.

This will drive visitors to all of the coop members sites.

Promotion #2:

We are also running various banners ads on popular Home Business Opportunity websites exclusively for the Advertising Co-op members. 

Here's what our co-op banner ad looks like:

Custom Splash Pages Advertising Coop 

Custom Splash Pages Advertising Coop

Custom Splash Pages Advertising Coop

Custom Splash Pages Advertising Coop 

Promotion #3:

Paid To Read- Incentive based email campaigns also work extremely well for advertising your website. These people are active subscribers of the particular company we are advertising with. These people actually get paid to read our ads (5 cents or more).

When the emails are delivered the recipients are usually rewarded for clicking your link and staying on your site for 30-60 seconds.  

This method translates to lots of high quality visitors for you.  In most cases you can reach thousands of high quality, targeted email addresses of people who are looking to make money online.


Promotion #4 :

Craigslist/Backpage - Our Team and companies we work with will be placing hundreds of ads on craigslist and backpage in all 400+ cities (Possibly all 700 if the coop fills up) that will drive a flood of people to our sites. In order to post in that many cities we will be making various ads for our posters to use.

Here are some FAQ's taken from the Craigslist site.

Q: How much traffic does craigslist get?
A: More than 20 billion page views per month

Q: How does that compare with other companies?
A: craigslist is #7 worldwide in terms of english-language page views

Q: How many people use craigslist?
A: More than 50 million in the US alone

Q: How many craigslist sites are there?
A: Per user request , craigslist has expanded to more than 700 local sites in 70 countries

Other Promotion (Coming Soon):

Video Marketing Traffic, Social Bookmarking Traffic, Twitter & facebook promotions.

Remember this equation:

Targeted traffic= leads = big profits!

It's time for you to leave the targeted traffic & lead generation to us! You just have to sit back and watch the flood of new contacts you receive!

Join the co-op now and jump-start your Lead Generation!

You will be billed in 30-day cycles.  You may cancel at anytime and will only be billed for the 30-day cycle your account was active. 

The Hands Free AD Coop is your quick and affordable solution to grow your business and generate more traffic, more subscribers on autopilot. Simply start your membership and be sure to click return to merchant to create your account. You can start generating more traffic, more subscribers within the next 48 hrs hours without even lifting a finger after you sign up and submit your site URL.

Terms of Refund:

Once you start to receive traffic to your site you cannot receive a refund. Traffic to your site is realtime so there is no way to cancel the traffic that we have invested in and purchased to drive visitors to your site.

We do guarantee that everyone gets the same click ratio and visitors to your site. Our system tracks both raw clicks and unique clicks.

There are always risks involved with any kind of marketing. Don't spend if you can't afford it.

After you paid below, please fill out the form on the next page, it will be added to the rotation within 2 business days. If you do not see traffic please contact us ASAP so we can make sure we have your correct account added to the ad coop.

If you don't have a paypal account, you can sign up easily for a free account and use your credit card for payment.

Click on the paypal button below. You can cancel your subscription ANYTIME prior to 30 days by logging into your paypal account and following the simple cancelation instructions. You can also contact us with your account name and information.

Be sure to click return to merchant after you order
(if not your setup may be delayed).

To get started order below!

Starter Package (1-Share= 1 X Leads -Only$44.95) (1-Share= 1 Link in Rotator)


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Basic Package (2-Shares=2X The Leads - Only $89.90 (Your capture page will be in The Rotator 2 times)(2-Shares= 2 X The Leads)
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Premier Pack (3-Shares = 3X The Leads - Only $134.95 (Your capture page will be in The Rotator 3 times)(3-Shares= 3 X The Leads)
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Pro Package (4-Shares = 4X The Leads - Only $179.80 (Your capture page will be in The Rotator 4 times) (4-Shares= 4 X The Leads)
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Freeway To Success- Lead Capture Pages - Be sure to click here after you signup.

Allow 24 to 48 hrs for activation of your account Create your account here. Submit a ticket if you cannot create an account. You must use your email from paypal. You can change it once account has been created.

Contact us at 800-497-5613 or use our Support System

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